Technological Resources for Mathematics Classrooms

With the evolution of technology, the entire world has had to make changes and alterations to satisfy the need for it throughout our lives. Technology has become an asset in many classrooms throughout the United States.  This has resulted in the need for teachers to update their knowledge and use of technological gizmos for the benefit of their students and the bright futures of these.

Many teachers have been blessed to have all the information of the world at their fingertips thanks to SMARTBoards, TeacherTube, and many other applications, programs, devices, and products.

The following is a short list of these resources that I have compiled. Please feel free to try them out in your classrooms and pass them on to fellow teachers and even students. Before anyone resents me, please let me say, I in no way have control, ownership, or any affiliation with these websites.  This is just a helpful list for me and anyone else who may come across it.

1. For information on the history, evolution, etymology, definitions, notation, associated fields and other basic information, go to

2. For a website that contains basic equations and explanations of almost every mathematical area, go to

3. For a more extensive listing of helpful math websites for teachers and students alike, go to

4. For a website that contains helpful links, explanations, examples, links to worksheets and more resources, go to

5. For math chat, newsletter information, homework help, practice problems, puzzles, links to games, math camp information, go to

6. A cool website that lets you poll students or others by using an application, texting, twitter, or other methods can be found at

7. For a blog created to help provide teachers with awesome project-based learning ideas and other resources, go to

8. For math and science news, virtual graphing calculators and helpful resources, go to

9. For algebra tutorials, lessons, calculators, games, word problems & books, go to

10. For a website that can help students in all subject and includes resources classified by strand and subject, go to

11. For a website that can help students with their homework questions 24/7, go to

12. For a website that provides links to other websites and helpful resources categorized by grade level, subject, or activity, go to

13. For a website that provides examples and helpful videos and tutorials – separated by grade levels, subjects, media types, and accessibility options, go to

14. For a website that provides examples, videos, and worksheets, go to

15. For an educational version of the infamous YouTube website, go to

16. For a website geared toward school leaders that contains information about a program (purchase necessary) that involves mathematical problem finding and solving in real-life contexts, go to

17. For a step-by-step guide for anyone using Microsoft Word to write equations on documents, go to

18. For information and links on downloadable programs and applications for teacher use, go to

19. For a website with information on the popular program The GeoMeter’s Sketchpad, go to

20. For information on Fathom, a program developed by Key Curriculum Press that allows teachers and students to do data analysis and statistics with real data, go to

21. A short list of websites with fun Math Games for students of all ages and abilities include:‎‎‎‎‎‎

There are also a great number of applications for tablets and computer available on websites such as GooglePlay, Apple, Samsung, etc. Many of these applications are free and they range in being appropriate for different ages.  Some of these applications include:

  • Math Workout
  • Math Practice Flashcards
  • Math Helper
  • Math Maniac
  • Math Run
  • Kids Math
  • King of Math
  • Math Genius Brain Trainer
  • Math Attack
  • Mathed: Fun Maths
  • Math Duel
  • Math Bingo
  • Math Bubbles
  • Fashion Math

… and many, MANY more!

I certainly hope that at least one of these resources will prove useful to you.  I appreciate your time.


Brahier, D. J. (2009). Teaching Secondary and Middle School Mathematics (3rd ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

Posamentier, A. S., Smith, B. S., & Stepelman, J. (2010). Teaching secondary mathematics: Techniques and enrichment (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.


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